5 Ideas to start earning money with bicycle

1-Start a bicycle repair business

Low difficulty, low entry barriers: to start a bicycle repair business, you actually don’t need to register nor rent a shop. You can start from your own garden / garage. You will nevertheless need the minimum tools to operate.

If you are in proximity of cycling traffic, you can post yourself on peak hours at strategic points. There will always be cyclists in need to fix a derailleur or flat tire. You can also sell some consumables that any cyclists may need and cannot find in convenience stores.

If you are not a skilled repaired agent, you can easily get trained online with this complete in depth training:

online training bicycle repair course
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2-Start a bicycle niche blog

Everyone can start a blog on a specific niche. You don’t specifically need to be skilled. You can buy a domain name and publish your own content. Alternatively you can use the free option to host your content on google sites (free of cost) and attract an audience which will be interested in your passion.

Then promote products related to your niche, using a large variety of income sources as on this blog:

  • Amazon Program (product, books…)
  • ClickBank Program (training programs…)
  • Promote local services (lead generation…)
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3-Start a bicycle Youtube Channel or TikTok…

You can discuss your:

  • Experience as a rider
  • Make reviews of (new) products
  • Discover tracks

And promote products and services of affiliate programs you will find. You should not be about cycling only you have to target a smaller niche audience, such as : owners of X bicycle brand, or cyclists in a specific state…

4-Become a delivery rider

If you are living in a dense populated area, you may have the opportunity to work for a delivery company like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, or work for larger restaurant chains like Dominos.

You could also contact your local restaurant and ask them if they need delivery services on 2 wheels. It usually does not pay much, but if you offer an extra smile and get to be known as the bike delivery guy: that might increase your tips and get you a few more bucks.

Earn as you exercise is quite an interesting prospect, except during winter and rainy days of course 🙂

5-Write content on cycling for others

This one might be more difficult for most of the cyclists as it does not require cycling abilities but relies much more on your writing skills and capacity to find ideas to write about.

It is nevertheless very well paid compared to some other ideas listed above. You can start by offering a good service at an attractive price (to get experience and good customer ratings). As time will pass you should get more orders and satisfied customers, you will be able to raise your prices and make a real good income.

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6-Bonus Strategy

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