How to Mount a Tubeless Tire in less than 5mn

Tutorial: Mount a Tubeless Tire

Welcome, today we review the tubeless tire assembly to help you Mount a Tubeless Tire in less than 5mn.

What you need to Mount a Tubeless Tire

For the assembly of a tire you will be needing

  • tubeless tire
  • tire levers
  • tubeless valves
  • cleaning clothe or rag
  • tire sealant
  • high volume pump

Step one: rim cleaning

First stage of the preparation of the rim. You need to verify that the rim but perfectly clean and no residue to the dirt that can prevent the leaks is correct of the tire. You need to insure a good air sealing.

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Step two: valve installation

The following stage consists in assembling the tubeless valve on the rim. Don’t forget to mounts the small O-ring and placed the screw nut by using simply with two fingers. Don’t use any pliers that could risk to deteriorate the valve. Once the valve setup properly, we are going to unpack the tubeless tire.

Step three: tubeless tire installation

The next step will be to put in place the first bead beforehand take care to control the direction of rotation of the tire. So we will clip is first the first bead. We have clip it and then the second bead starting from the opposite side of the valve.

We will not clip the tire entirely in order to leave a place to allow the placement of the preventive sealant liquid.

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Step three: tubeless tire sealant injection

Shake heavily the tire sealant liquid before injecting it. Insert by pouring the sealant inside the tire. In some cases you can inject the sealant through the valve.The quantities are usually listed on the instructions of the product’s packaging.

So 100 milliliters should be enough for a 140 tire. Once the assembly is finalized, you can finish to clip the tire on the rim or use tire levers but really sparingly. Use only plastic levers to avoid to damage the rim grooves.

Step four: tubeless tire inflation

Before the final step: check the adequate installation of the tire on the rim so that the tire frames adjust properly put in place inside the grooves (for a better pressure of the tire).

Ultimate step, we proceeded to the inflation to the maximum pressure indicated on the side of the tire in order to validate the proper placement of the beads in the grooves. You should hear a noise of the rough slamming.

Once the tires inflated I will check that the tire is correctly placed by checking the line present on the tire’s side. Shake the tire in all direction to insure the tire sealant is evenly distributed inside the pneumatic. Adjust the tire inner pressure before starting cycling and reduce it to a maximum of 2.2 – 2,3 bars.

You now know how to Mount a Tubeless Tire in less than 5mn. Share this tutorial with a friend who might need it.

Author: Amber D.